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Saturday, 17 July 2010 17:02

At the end of the 2009/10 Burwood Tennis Club financial year we had 242 financial members (excluding life members).

Membership subscription notices were sent to all members in February 2010 and were payable by 31 March 2010. It is important to note our actual
membership subscription has remained essentially unchanged from the last few years. However, as you are aware we have now had to include a $30 per
person administrative fee to cover essential administrative functions which were previously undertaken by volunteers, and sadly now taken over by Toptenn.

Historically many members have for whatever reason delayed paying their membership, in some cases several months. This places undue and unnecessary stress on the Club as we need your fees to service our loan, and effectively to run the Club in general. This year is no different, and it is extremely disappointing that at the time of writing our membership renewals are coming in at an even slower rate than the past two years. This is not good enough. We know we have members who will pay, they do every year....but it is always late. Clearly in some cases there are very valid reasons for late payment, but sadly the biggest reason is apathy, it is not that important. Perhaps never more so than now, the Club needs your money and as such paying your fees sooner rather than later is very important. The final reminder notices have been sent to non-payers advising them that their payment is due by 30th April 2010 or their membership will lapse. Hopefully there will be a major influx of payments in the next month.